Tea Party and Cowboy Hats 1

30 Jan


I am writing this more as an opinion than I’d like to.  There are some topics that will come up at NCBA convention that I really wanted to get some more info on.  I tried to call certain individuals, only to never have my calls returned.  I see this as an unjust way to treat a member of the association.  I also see it as a big lack of accountability, accountability meaning a willingness to explain ones actions.  Certain movements spring up as a result of other movements.   Unfortunately, I  will not be attending convention this year.  I have decided to spend the money that would be required for me to travel, on my daughter instead.  Take her to the zoo a few times this year.  So someone else is going to have to be the Tea Partier.  And I feel there should be a lot of you

The first topic is this silly idea that a task force of CBB and NCBA folks came up with.  They want to subsidize the expansion of the nation’s cow herd through a tax credit for a duration of about three years.  With the way the cow calf operator is bragging about his profits right now I can not see why they would need any more incentive.  Business expansion is supposed to take place through retained profits, not subsidies.  The cattlemen didn’t like the ethanol tax credit and subsidy.  We lobbied against it.  Where is the consistency in our message?

Here is an interesting thought.  The south is still not ready to begin herd rebuilding.  At least that is what I hear from other order buyers.  I also hear they are feeding cows in southern feedlots, just to hang on to them.  If this expansion is going to take place where are the females going to be held if there is no grass for them?  I have the impression that  heifers will be kept, and bred in a feedlot environment.  The feed yard sector has been overbuilt for a long time.  So who do suppose is going to receive the tax credit.  The feedyard maybe?  Is this to suggest that they are receiving a hand out because they are the next “to big to fail”?

Listen, business does not sacrifice itself to others.  You profit and are rewarded as you should be.  Karl Marx predicted that capitalism would destroy itself.  In destroying ourselves we are destroying that which we are an end product of, capitalism.  To take from each according to his ability, and give according to his need, is Marxism.  This summarizes the principle of communist society.  How can we bitch about obama’s wealth redistribution plans and then ask Congress to do the same thing for us?  This country was built on independent men who succeeded on their sheer ability, without forced help.  To use help is collectivism.  If you invite the government into your business they have the right to tell you what to do on some fronts.  So I guess then you lose the right to bitch about government intervention, and regulation.

What is a subsidy any way?  It is a financial bargaining chip used to alter behavior.  Lets change the setting.  If you were in the wrong part of town you could offer a woman, a subsidy to alter her behaviors to your liking.  We would call her a whore.  When did an industry that was built by an American icon, the cowboy, become a bunch of whores?

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