Presidents Day, NOT

20 Feb

Today is president’s day.  I often wonder why we observe such a pointless day.  I have always thought the point of being president was to lead the nation to a better life.  I fail to see how millions of people taking a day off is going to help in our ability to produce.  I especially do not get observing president’s day right now, when we are living during a period of one of the worst presidents in history.

I see posts of total lies on Facebook from time to time about how Obama has done all these great things for the country.  If those brainwashed college students only had a clue.  I know where they get their information and I know all their arguments before they even make them.  They are like little robots running the program that has been built into them.  I wonder why they never question their programmer.  They tell me they have an open mind and encourage me to have the same open mindedness.  I laugh at them, I am objective.

The number of people living in deep poverty has exploded during obama’s term.  Today 50 million Americans live below the poverty line.  The price of gas has risen 83% since he took office.  If you are the working poor how do you afford the gas to get to work and feed your children?  You don’t.  Every day over 1 million children in America go to bed hungry.  So many of my braindead liberal friends hail obamacare.  Hey guys, the stuff you are so pumped about doesn’t take affect until 2014.  See that is after the 2012 election.  That way you will not know how bad it really is and Obama will have a chance of getting reelected.  If is was in affect now, he would have no chance.  Until 2014 enjoy the frontloading of that bill (the new taxes, fines, and penalties)  Oh but he saved Detroit and the auto industry.  If that is so why is the average home value in Detroit only $6000 (only one third what it was a few years ago), and the city looks like Lebanon?  Obama is president at a time of the demise of manufacturing in America and yet he wanted to pass Cap and Trade.  This only shows he is incompetent.  Back to obamacare.  Do you remember how he refused to meet with his military advisors until he had a health care bill to sign?  In the mean time our troops were coming home in body bags.  The title is commander and chief.  Why does he not get that?  Why do those of you who support him not get this?  And for those of you who support the Wall Street reform, First I bet you don’t even know the name of the bill.  Number two you better  never have the hope or dream of owning your own business.  That bill will make it next to impossible for you to do it without government involvement.   Oh and I love this line, “We can’t leave raising children up to the parents”  And who could forget the world apology tour?  That is not a presidential thing to do.   Also don’t you dare own any guns, pay cash for anything, or have seven days of food in your home.  Under one of the more recent bills Obama signed this makes you a terrorist.  One last thing.  For those of you who think Obama got Bin Laden.  I doubt it.  First Bin Laden was sick and I doubt he survived.  Number two, isn’t it a bit funny that everyone who was involved in killing him is now also dead?

The only person who can take today off and increase his productivity is Obama.  The rest of you should not observe president’s day and go to work.  My wife has the day off and she is heading to the office this morning.  I’m proud of her.

We have had some great Presidents that deserve to be recognized.  You do not honor those men by electing someone like Obama who has dismantled so much of what they accomplished.  Next time around lets elect someone who will honor those great men.

I wish I could tell you where this photo came from, I do not know

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