The Last 30 Days

01 Jun

It has been a while since my last post.  I have so many things to write about I just do not know where to begin.  I started blogging for Cattle Call in 09 and for the first time ever I sit in front of my computer and just can’t start.  I’ve had a lot on my mind the last month.

I sat in a couple meetings with our Nebraska delegation about the Farm Bill.  I am  not really sure why I went.  Just wanted to go to the source that uses me as a pissing post I guess.  I could not believe the stupid Marxist ideas that were kicked around.

I built miles of new fence.  For the first time ever I now have a grazing plan (well kind of) and am using rotational grazing.  I did some rotational grazing last year using poly wire.  The results were very pleasing.  Thing is pasture rents skyrocketed here and I now question how valuable grazing really is, or can be.

I brand all the cattle I take out to grass.  The Nebraska Cattlemen’s association has a resolution to change some of our brand laws.  No matter who you talk to about this they all have one thing in common.  They say the other guy doesn’t know anything about brands.

Drought has been a big topic here.  Last night we got our first measurable rain in 7 weeks.  I have been through one really dry period since I started farming full time.  I am shocked to find out how many people are not prepared for prolonged dry spells.

I took a break from social media for a few weeks.  Man that was nice.  I have often wondered what makes some topics and blogs so popular.  I think I may now have an answer.

Technology and research.  Do they help or hurt the cattle biz?

Politics and campaigns.  I helped a friend in her campaign for the US Senate.  She won the primary so now we are marching to a victory in November.  This experience, along with my experience on the Cattlemen’s board, and being on the county zoning board have changed how I view things.

I’ve given some thought to leadership.  What is it really and why do we follow some people?

The economy has also been on my mind.  Not just the local economy or the United States’ economy but the world’s economy as well.  How will things affect us at home?

We also made it through the graduation time frame here.  I don’t go to graduation parties, but it did make me ponder about what the future holds for those kids and what their plans are.  I mean after they go to college.  Every one of them that sent us an invite this year plans to go to college.  I plan to write a series why this is not a good idea at all

I also know a few people that are losing their fight against cancer.  What I’ve seen from these people is amazing

I have some speaking engagements coming up in the next couple months, so I may blog a little about that.

And of course I will continue with the beginning farmer blogs.

What’s been on your mind the last 30 days?

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