Tears In My Eyes

15 Jun

Late last summer I wrote a blog on Cattle Call titled 027 (read it here ).  The next chapter of this story is now done.  The little girl passed on a couple days ago.  Thing is the story is not over yet.

My wife and I followed this girls story closely.  The little girl’s mother and my wife have been friends their whole lives.  The mother wrote a blog about what was going on with treatments and events they were going to.  She would post it on Facebook so it was easy for all of us to follow.  There have also been a few other children in our area that have been diagnosed with cancer.  Some of them I know personally, and some I never met.  I’ve been following their stories as well.  Some have already passed, and some have a good chance of living a long life.

These kids are, for lack of a better word, amazing.  I do believe they know more about life, and living, and giving back than most adults.  They also seem comfortable with the fact they may die.

If we take a moment, and watch, and learn these kids teach us a lot.  Listen to them talk about things.  There seems to be a bit more passion in their voices.  They know what is important in life to them.  Most kids that go on to college still don’t have that figured out.  Shoot, I know people older than me that still don’t have that figured out.

I have also noticed these kids finish.  The little girl pushed beyond exhaustion to go to school.  To get treatments she had to travel a couple hours one way.  Spend a lot of time in the hospital, just to have to travel a couple hours back home to her own bed.  These treatments take a hell of a toll on the body, and drain energy.  Yet it was VERY important to her to finish first grade with her class.  So she pushed herself to make it through.  And she did.  Some of the other kids may have been in some school sport.  Obviously they could no longer participate in the games.  So they went to all the practices they could and did what they could to help their team mates.  These kids do more to inspire their team mates than any coach ever could do.

I have also noticed they do more for the community than anybody.  Most of them get involved in doing charity work, raising awareness for cancer research, and fundraising.  And these kids do rake in a ton of money for children’s hospitals.  (I think that come back to the passion thing)  They also have a way to get us adults to put aside our differences and rally behind a good cause, pulling an entire community together that otherwise would not do so.  No politician can ever do that.

They appreciate everything.  They appreciate all the generosity, and help from other people.  They appreciate every challenge, or task that comes along.  They understand the true value of time, and don’t waste it like so many of us “busy” people do.  They just seem to embrace everything life throws at them.

You are well aware of Make A Wish.  Some of the kids’ stories that I have followed have gotten to have a wish granted.  Man, they are so excited.  They have so much fun and get so much out of it.  I have also noticed that some seem to pass on a short time later.  It’s like they fight off the exhaustion as long as they can for one last big thing.

When was the last time, or have you ever, pushed beyond exhaustion, fought through impossible challenges, to accomplish something big?

I am having a hard time writing this blog.  My mind isn’t real clear because I’m fighting a bit of emotion.  This blog does not communicate very well what it is I want to say.  So I will sum it by saying this.  These kids can teach us so much if we watch, and listen.  Step back a little bit and don’t focus on the fact they are fighting for their life, and focus on what it is they say and do and how they do it.  These kids know what life really is.

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