Its Up to You

15 Oct

It has been quite a while since my last post.  This is a busy time of year for everyone involved in agriculture and I am county co-chair for a U.S. Senate campaign.  If I didn’t have cattle to look at and feed every day I would most certainly lose my sanity.

The popularity of this blog skyrocketed after I posted “Let It Burn”.  That blog was even printed off and posted in one of the barns where I buy cattle.   I had people come up to me while I was on a buy cycle in different sale barns, and tell me that they like my blog and they refer their friends to this page.   I want to take just a moment to reemphasize my main goal for this blog.  I want to get you to think.  I don’t expect you to agree with everything I write, nor will you disagree with everything either.  I will not, can not,  draw you a road map.  I can only tell you things I have learned and applied.  The rest is up to you.

I did some public speaking this summer.  I had people at every stop ask me if I ever speak to young people?  I try.  That is the audience I want to be in front of.  Thing is I never get asked to come to a college or high school.  Probably because I will tell those youngsters something completely different than what their instructors tell them.  Their teachers must be doing a poor job to.  I have talked to dozens of young people recently that just don’t think they can make it in agriculture.  They think they are destined to fail if they try.

Jim Rogers, a legendary investor, says two things that I bring up all the time to people.  One is this, the average age of a farmer is getting old.  We have a growing population and we will need someone to replace the old farmers and feed this growing world.  He says that farmers will be driving the Maserati’s and investment bankers will be driving broke down gas guzzlers.   He thinks agriculture has an extremely bright future.

This Maserati would cost about 150K


I have had people tell me time and time again all the reasons they can’t do something.  They already know all the reasons they will fail.  Here’s the funny part.  The kid from Nebraska thinks he’s gonna fail for the same reason the kid from Tennessee thinks he’s gonna fail, they both give me the same reasons the kid from Texas gave me.  We are teaching all the wrong things the way I see it.  I tell these kids all the time I have more confidence in them than they have in themselves.

They shrug me off when I tell them that.  I get some mumblings about their last name, or education, no money,  to risky, not wanting to work as hard as the old man.  Let me put a little perspective here.  You are reading this blog for a reason.  Here’s the thing.  When I graduated high school one of my teachers came up to my mom and told her that he didn’t think I’d live long enough to graduate.  I dropped out of community college.  And yet I know all the reasons you can succeed.

I can tell you why you will fail.  One is you have not learned to control you emotions.  Mainly fear.  Let me define fear.  It is an acronym F.E.A.R.  False Evidence Appearing Real.  It’s all those reasons you give me for thinking you can’t do it.  All those reasons are total bullshit.  I can debunk every excuse you give me, if you would only listen to me.  Now ask yourself, where are you getting all this False Evidence?  Your teachers, your loser friends, even your girl/boyfriend, the free be publications you read.  You are trying to learn from the wrong people.  I have said this time and time again.  I wanted to be the best so I went and learned from the best.  It cost me time and money.  I had to travel to find the best and learn from them.  And now it has paid off.  It took over a decade.  This is a crock pot, not a microwave.  And I am still learning.

The second reason so many of you fail, is because you never tried.  So many of you have told me you want to do something.  Raise cattle, farm, start your own business of some other kind.  I ask you what have you done to start?  How many cattle do you have?  What is in your garage/living room?  Are you working on starting?  Most of you tell me you have done nothing because of some reason or another which goes back to F.E.A.R.  Guys you can’t succeed unless you start.  You gotta try.  Now think about this for a second.  You read this blog, you tell me you haven’t started yet!?  You are a “Rope Skipper”.  ( There is one reader that pulled the trigger and bought a handful of Herford heifers this year.  Now many of you will say “Big deal.  You can’t make a living off a few heifers”.   You would be right.  You can’t make a living off a few heifers.  And it is a big deal.  That young couple is way ahead of the rest of you who are to chickenshit to get started.  They overcame the fear.  They invested in their future.  And most important they are not wasting time. ( )

I’m going to wrap up here.  Now you have all heard that you are what you think about.  I have heard so many reasons, like I’ve said, about different short comings.  Put those thoughts aside, and take some time to think about your strengths.  What are you going to do to learn to compensate for your weaknesses?  Do you have specific goals?  You are your own greatest asset.  What are you doing with yourself and your time?

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One response to “Its Up to You

  1. Elizabeth

    October 15, 2012 at 9:31 am

    Thanks for the shout out! Just to give you an update on this eager young couple. Since buying our heifers we found a new place to live. We answered a want ad for a guy to take care of his cattle (about 250 head) in exchange for rent in a farm house outside of town. Right now we are earning our keep building fence, and patching up old sheds and working calves. He is bringing all of his cattle save the bulls to winter around our new house and in Jan-Feb we will start calving. We are saving money from rent, getting experience and looking for pasture to rent to bring the heifers to us and expand our herd. All around we think it’s a pretty good deal.


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