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Sleeping Zombies

We have so much technology in the palm of our hands today that enables us to keep connected.  Both to each other, markets, news, sports, and anything thing else our hearts desire.  I sometimes use the internet on my phone to watch a cattle auction to see what calves are selling for in one salebarn, while bidding on calves in the salebarn I am sitting in.  I will exchange text messages with other people I know to see what the market is doing in their corner of the world too.

I stumbled across these points on J.W.R.’s blog.  He used them to illustrate how the corral around the sheeple has been made much smaller by our tyrannical government.  I copied and pasted them here since something else jumped out at me that fits part of the theme of my blog.  Thinking.  Staying informed.


Consider the implications of some recent events in America:

• The entire city of Boston is locked down under the equivalent of martial law, and house-to-house searches are conducted in one neighborhood without warrants. No uproar. No publicized post facto inquiries.

•John Corzine is not prosecuted for stealing more than a billion dollars from farmers and ranchers at MF Global. Nary a peep from the mainstream media.  (Nor from the ag world either I might add.  In fact some cattlemen’s groups are still suggesting you hedge.  How fucking dumb! )

•An Out-of-state “Marketplace Fairness Act” sales tax bill is ramrodded through the Senate. No uproar.

•The Fast and Furious scandal results in NO high-level dismissals from the BATFE or Justice Department, even though it was clear that it was ordered from the top. Few people are asking the President: What did he know and when did he know it? No uproar.

•Multiple Benghazi Cover-Ups. No huge Iran-Contra type congressional hearings. No dismissals.

•Asset Forfeiture by the Department of Homeland Security has become institutionalized. Hardly noticed.  (also hardly noticed was the Executive Order signed on March 16 2012, called National Defense Resources Preparedness.  Basically a peace time Martial Law.  So your assets, forget them they are not yours anymore.  But hey, he signed it during some important basketball game)

•Justice Department snooping of Associated Press journalists’ phone records. No uproar.

•The Obama administration intentionally makes the sequester budget cuts as painful as possible by slowing down air traffic control, in a grandstanding move. No uproar.

•Attorney General Eric Holder threatens the State of Kansas for daring to assert its sovereignty. No uproar.

•An amnesty deal for illegal border-crossers is negotiated in the Senate back rooms with a mixture of bribes and arm-twisting, and it now awaits a perfunctory debate and a floor vote. No public outcry.

•Meanwhile, Legitimate hard-working, law-abiding refugees (homeschoolers) who properly applied for visas face deportation. This gets barely any notice in the mainstream press.

•Bitcoin’s main banking interface (Mt. Gox) has its assets seized by the Department of Homeland Security. No mainstream news banner headlines. No uproar.

•Most blatantly, there were revelations of systematic targeting of conservative and Jewish groups by the IRS,–perhaps as many as 500 groups. At last there is some indignant bleating heard, but only because mainstream press deems it “newsworthy.” Few people are asking the President: What did he know and when did he know it?

•And as all of these monumental, riveting events are going on, what is the most sought after news story by Americans querying Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines? Angelina Jolie’s hooters.

Like I said, we Americans are doing a fantastic job of using all the technology available to us to stay informed.  Gosh we are an intelligent, critical thinking bunch!  Some people fear a zombie apocalypse.   If you ask me its already here

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