Things Kids Say

11 Apr

Over Spring and Easter break there were a bunch of little kids in the sale barns I was at. We all know kids will say the darndest things. Today I’m going to share a few I heard

One Afternoon a small class of what I am guessing to be first graders came into the cattle auction where I was buying cattle. They sat right in front of me. They were relatively quiet, and well behaved. I could still hear the auctioneer. One girl in particular was very observant. She starting asking questions about some of the cattle going through the auction ring. I was very impressed with her observations. One calf came through the ring and it was obvious something was wrong with it. She asked about it. I told her the calf could not see too well. She responded “It’s blind?” I told her “No. It can see, just not to good” Her response “Oh. He just can’t see his problems to good. That will keep him happy, because he has lots of problems”

Another day a little boy around age four or five was playing in the phone booth at a cattle sale. He had the receiver off the hook and was swinging it around by the cord. He finally paused and asked his dad what the thing was. When his dad told him it was a phone the boy looked at the receiver for a bit then tried to “swipe” it with his finger like you would with an iphone.

I was cutting some little feeder bulls I had bought. After I cut the nuts out I throw them on the ground in a pile. My little girl, age five, was there and looked at the pile and asked what they were. I told her they were nuts. After I cut another one she asked “What are nuts?” I told her “They are the boy parts” She watched me cut another one and asked “You cut them out?” I nodded. She asked “Will that make them smarter?”

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One response to “Things Kids Say

  1. jerrepro

    April 13, 2016 at 5:54 pm

    Just discovered your writing. I enjoy the real honest talk.
    I’d like to read more about your Sell-Buy strategy.

    God’s bless you and your family


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